Why do tampons hurt to put in or take out???

Why do tampons hurt to put in or take out???

My roommate in college couldn’t put a tampon in

I had a roommate in college who couldn’t ever get a tampon in.  Every once in a while, I would hear her in the bathroom saying  “ow ow ow”  When she came out, I would ask her if she was OK.  She always said yes, and that she was just trying to get a tampon in.  If you have ever experienced anything like this,   Or pain when you are taking a tampon out, keep reading.   Or click below to watch my video:

Tampons are awesome when it comes to keeping your menstrual flow contained up inside your vagina.  It’s less messy than using pads and makes it easier to exercise, dance, swim than it is with pads. But what do you do when your tampon hurts?   Why is it hurting and what can you do about it.  In this video, we are going to go over all of this, and what do about it.

So why is your tampon hurting or uncomfortable?   I can tell you from experience, when My tampon in uncomfortable, I feel instantly irritable and even slightly irritating things turn me into a complete beast.       There are a few things that can make a tampon hurt.

I get a “little” irritable when my tampon hurts

# 1.  It’s not in all the way.  The tampon is meant to sit inside the vagina.  When placed properly, you should not be able to feel the tampon inside you.  However, if the tampon is low, and part of it is hanging out, you can feel it at the vaginal opening.  This totally is uncomfortable and irritating.  When this happens, you can either pull it out and put another one in, or you can just wash your hands and use one finger to push it up higher. Wash your hands afterward of course.

tampon pain
Tampons can cause pain for different reasons

#2. You try to take it out before it’s ready.   When a tampon is dry, meaning, there isn’t very much blood on it yet, if you take it out, the fibers on the tampon are going to rub on the vaginal and vaginal opening.  This can hurt.   If it feels like it’s too try to come out, give it a few more hours before trying to take it out again. But never leave it in for longer than 12 hours.    This can increase your risk of Toxic shock syndrome, a rare but serious infection.   Or you can try using a smaller, lighter tampon.    If you want to learn about the symptoms of toxic shock, this will be a future video topic so be sure to hit subscribe and the notification bell so that you will be notified when that video, and others like it, comes out.


#3.  An intact hymen. A hymen is a little piece of skin that covers part of the vaginal opening.  Most of the time, this gets broken on its own when girls are younger.  Activities like sports, riding bikes or horses or any other physical activities can cause this to happen.  But if it is still there by the time you go through puberty, it might hurt to put a tampon in.     Or, you might have a tight vaginal opening.   You have a circular muscle at the vagina opening.  Like any muscle, it can gradually become more flexible, but similar to when you stretch before or after a work-out, the stretching of this muscle might be uncomfortable at first   Most of the time, this gets better rather quickly once you become sexually active.

My friend had surgery, and her pain went away

Occasionally, a girl might have to get a small procedure to make the vaginal opening a little bigger.    So back to my friend I talked about at the beginning of the video.   Along with not being to put a tampon on, she had also never had sex.  When she got engaged, she decided that it was time to see her gynecologist.    He did a minor procedure on her.   Super easy and just like that, she never had problems using tampons AND had a super fun honeymoon.  Now what if you would like to avoid having surgery, even a simple quick one, you can purchase vaginal dilators online, that help you to gradually stretch the vaginal opening.

Now if putting in tampons don’t cause pain, but you are concerned about what is the tampons themselves, I get it.  To help you out, here is my top pick for organic tampons so hey, if that helps, go check them out.

Thank you for reading this and here’s hoping everything in your life is always In the PINK.

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